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Advanced Standing Assessment

This service has been created as a module of study within the Masters Curriculum.

This module, Advanced Standing Assessment (ITS-A), is offered to students in all of the Expressive Arts Masters tracks which include Therapy, Coaching and Consulting, and Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding.

This service is for professionals within these fields, who need to have their education outside of EGS "nostrified" (or approved) in order to transfer credits towards the Masters degree.

If a prospective Masters student is already working as a professional and has received training at an Institute in a related field, he or she can receive advanced standing towards the Masters degree by means of advising sessions and a series of courses and examinations at Summer Sessions.

Students who believe that this service applies to their academic standing need to indicate it in the application form. They will get advisement during their first Summer Session, and will then take the module ITS-A the following Summer Sessions, which will take place for eleven days, in the first period.

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