Arts Based Writing & Research

Arts  Based  Writers and Research Colloquium Online

  • Online Zoom  

  • April 20-25 2021

  • November 15-21 2021


From Tuesday to Sunday, every day at 14:00pm until 17:00pm

The Arts Based Research and Writing Seminar allows participants to gain confidence in writing in a creative and academic way at the same time. It gives them tools to organize their writing process and thus be able to finish their thesis, dissertations, article or project. It also provides time each day for students to work on their projects and share their writing experiences with the group. Participants will also explore in greater depth the vision of Arts Based Research that we are developing in EGS and apply it to their own writing project.

What is the Colloquium for?

Whether you want to get started, to progress, or to complete your project, this colloquium is designed to improve your writing skills and to find your own style. It serves as an opportunity to move away from daily life and to get nurtured and inspired by professionals and peers, and to gain new perspectives.

  • Do you want to overcome writer´s block?

  • Do you need some framework for your self -study / requirements towards your Portfolio, MA Thesis project, qualifying paper, essay, or dissertation proposal and research?

  • Do you want to achieve an innovative, stringent and comprehensible contribution to the field of the Expressive Arts?

  • Are you interested in using methods of the Expressive Arts in writing?

  • Do you want to get acquainted with research methodology indigenous to the field of Expressive Arts?

  • Are you interested in methodical studies and explorations of arts-based research?

  • Do you want to encounter the Arts as evidence in scientific practice?


  • Lectures

  • Academic writing

  • Arts Based Research

  • Arts based research and creative writing experience

  • Individual coaching sessions

  • Self directed writing time.

  • Small group advisement / Sharing in peer groups.

  • Encounters with Expressive Arts Based Research.


Online Zoom

April 20-25 2021

November 15-21 2021

From Tuesday to Sunday, every day at 14:00pm until 17:00pm


Tuition Fee: CHF 1170

For whom

CAGS/Ph.D. candidates MA candidates

BA waver candidates



EGS Faculty/Advisers

Anybody interested in arts based writing and research

Further Information and Contact:


EGS administration office at