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Faculty Member


Barbara Hielscher-Witte

CAGS, Ph.D. Cand.

Barbara Hielscher-Witte is the founder and Director of Step ahead, the Expressive Arts Institute Berlin. Barbara runs the Master of Arts Program in Expressive Arts Therapy in Germany. She is a certified Music Therapy Lecturer and Eurhythmics Teacher as well as practicing Psychotherapist and Supervisor. Barbara worked as Lecturer in Eurhythmics, Aesthetic Education and Music Therapy for over 15 years at the Hamburg Conservatory, the Berlin University of the Arts, the University for Applied Science, Cottbus and the Institute for Music Therapy, Berlin. At EGS, Barbara teaches in the Masters and in the CAGS program.

2014 Barbara was Artist in Residence at EGS. Both trained in Music and Dance, her interest as a performing artist is focused on their intermodal interactions. Barbara choreographs and performs primarily 20th century music and music and dance in the intermodal dialog with the visual arts. The Research Program of the Expressive Arts Institute Berlin is focused on intermodal artistic processes. They specify in empirical phenomenological theory building and develop interdisciplinary research models.

Based on art-based, qualitative and phenomenological inquiry, Barbara’s research consists of the phenomenological theory building of the transformational and artistic process between hearing and moving.

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