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AHS Book Database 2023

Solution Art: A Textbook of Art and Resource-orientated Work

2023: Paolo J. Knill (Author), Herbert Eberhart (Author), Wayne Sutherland (Translator), Margo Fuchs Knill (Foreword) 

ISBN-10: ‎ 1839977604



Counselling, therapy, and coaching always work with the use of language. With art-oriented approaches, the limitations of language can be overcome.
One of the most important works of expressive arts therapy, Lösungskunst is now available in English translation.
The key concept of intermodality- the authors' term for oscillation between art-analog methods- combines with the primary focus on resources and strong emphasis on solutions to lay the groundwork for the method that is as vital now as it was originally. The importance of imagination, artistic and aesthetic experience to mental wellbeing is showcased, challenging the common focus on the cognitive and emotional facets of mental health.
In-depth case studies and explanations illuminate the origins and use of the theoretical frameworks, helping experienced practitioners and trainees alike to engage with the fundamental methods and concepts of expressive arts therapy.

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