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Faculty Member


Brigitte Wanzenried

lic.phil.I, CAGS

Brigitte Wanzenried is a licensed psychotherapist FSP/ASP/pca, with private practice in Winterthur. She is a teacher and thesis advisor at International School for Interdisciplinary Studies Switzerland and at European Graduate School, EGS.

Brigitte Wanzenried also is a painter, her last exhibitions have been 2009 (So ordinary! Interdisciplinary group project, Alstadthalle Zug) and 2012 (Personal exhibition in Radda, Italy).

Publications: 'Ein Stück Himmel, bitte!', Poetry by Margo Fuchs Knill, images by Brigitte Wanzenried.

Brigitte Wanzenried lives and works in Winterthur, Switzerland and Lucarelli, Italy.

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