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Shabrae Jackson

Shabrae Jackson

Shabrae Jackson is an expressive arts facilitator and educator who has worked in numerous communities internationally & in the US.  Her work centers around themes of belonging, trauma, healing, group dynamics, and peacebuilding.  Believing in the power of the arts to create spaces for connection and healing, Shabrae is presently mapping how the arts and the rites of restoration act as incubators for health, well-being, and the seeds for social change within communities. 


Shabrae lived in Mexico for over 15 years and has had the opportunity to work globally with numerous grass-roots leaders and groups to create community-based projects for youth leadership, public health, and crisis response.  She is founder of Collective Tapestry, a platform that creates community labs for collective exploration and inquiry.  She is currently participating in several collaboration projects which includes designing training and curriculum for diversity, equity, and inclusion work through the integration of the arts and body-based methodologies.  In addition, Shabrae is co-founder of UMBRAL, a Mexican organization that provides arts-based psychosocial trauma training at the border with migrants & refugees and explores the intersection of peacebuilding and the arts through the Geography of Hope collective.  


Shabrae is a certified coach and holds additional certifications from Training for Conflict Transformation and Expressive Arts in Transition.  She is the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA) interim regional coordinator for Mexico.  Shabrae holds a BA in Social Work, a postgraduate degree in Sport for Conflict Transformation and Social Coexistence from the University of Catalunya, a MA in Expressive Arts for Conflict-transformation and Peacebuilding, and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from EGS. 

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