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Fulya Kurter Musnitsky 

Fulya Kurter Musnitsky is the founder of Expressive Arts Institute Istanbul, an cooperating Expressive Arts Training Institute of The European Graduate School Arts & Health Society (EGS). Fulya is a psychotherapist and facilitator specialized in expressive arts and psychodrama. She has her own private practice and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Expressive Arts at EGS.  She continues to improve her clinical and creative therapies practice since her first encounter with theatre and psychodrama in 1998. Later, movement became an important modality for her after she completed the Diploma Program on Dance Movement Therapy by Ilene Serlin and Marcia Leventhal.


Earlier in her career, she worked at Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul for ten years as a Coordinator of the Career Center and as a part-time instructor. She co-authored and co-edited two books on culture and counselling with Dr. Jacqueline S. Mattis during that period. She served as a board member of the Art Psychotherapy Association of Turkey and still supporting their services. 



For Fulya, art is a ritual for self-inquiry and a quest for collective healing that happens in a poetic and relational space that brings different possibilities as well as surprises for a meaningful existence.

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