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AHS Book Database 2020

Poetry in Expressive Arts: Supporting Resilience through Poetic Writing

2020: Margo Fuchs Knill (Author), Sally Atkins (Author), Shaun McNiff (Foreword)

ISBN-13: 978-1785926532

ISBN-10: 1785926535



Poetry is increasingly used in therapy, and it already occupies a central place in expressive arts therapies. This book is the first to explicitly combine theory and practice from the field of expressive arts with poetry and poetics.

The book offers both a guide and poetic encouragement for using poetry in expressive arts work. Within this arts context, poetry is offered as a way to create hope and confidence, providing clients with a platform for healing, reconciliation, problem solving, and personal and professional development. Each chapter uses examples of poetry to illustrate the ideas of the chapter.

With an outstanding contribution to the field of expressive arts theory and practice, this book is essential for people wanting to use an integrative arts-based approach to help their clients build resilience and foster sustainable, positive change in their lives.

Book Review:

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