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Michael Siegell


Michael Siegell is Professor and Program Chair of Psychology at Cambridge College, Cambridge, USA. He combines artistic, scholarly and clinical activities in a wide variety of settings and venues. His areas of specializations are in the psychology of the arts, cross-cultural studies, the psychology of religion and mysticism and his teaching reflects these many interests.

Michael is also an accomplished and versatile sitarist and one of the few westerners to train seriously in North Indian classical music. He has been studying the sitar since the 1970's both in India and in the U.S., having trained with Bhaskar Chandavarkar one of the earliest and most respected disciples of the legendary maestro, Pandit Ravi Shankar. He was awarded a Senior Fellowship by the American Institute of Indian Studies-Smithsonian Institution to complete his Doctorate in Psychology and to continue his research and music training in India (1985-86). His psychology training included a Clinical Fellowship with Erik Erikson, with whom he worked for 8 years.

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