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Faculty Member


Mina Mo


Mina Mo is a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist, Registered Somatic movement Therapist/ Educator, Accredited Playback Theatre trainer, and a board member of Centre for Playback Theatre, Certified Non-Violent Communication trainer, and trained in the Tamalpa approach and trauma healing methods based on somatic.

She has been working in the expressive arts field since the mid-1990s and has taught expressive arts, and drama/theatre in therapy and education in several universities in South Korea. She is the founder and representative director of Expressive Arts Institute Poiesis in South Korea which is affiliated with EGS and the founder of School of Playback Theatre Korea. She is a board member of Korean Expressive Arts Therapy Association, Korea Association for Drama/Theatre and education, and The Korean Association for Clinical Art. 

Mina’s speciality is body-mind awareness and somatic movement. She enjoys working with the interaction between expressive arts, somatic movement and NVC and developing it.

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