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For admission to the Masters programs at the European Graduate School EGS, students must provide proof of an accredited Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent. The EGS is able to offer applicants without a Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent an opportunity to study at this institution leading to a Masters Degree, provided that they pass the Access Exam before the qualifying third year Summer Session.

For admission to the Doctoral program, students must provide proof of an accredited Masters degree.

Only complete application forms will be reviewed. A rolling admissions basis ensures an expedient response.

EGS may give transfer credits toward the Masters degree to students who take or took modules at Cooperating Universities and Institutes under the terms of the Bologna Educational Treaty. Curriculum compatibility and quality control is secured through the Academic Advisory Board and follows the standards for international Universities.

In addition, applicants to the Masters degree programs must pass an interview with a designated teaching staff member of the EGS (core faculty), assistant to the dean or dean. This can be done at any Introductory Course at EGS or other occasions where core faculty members, deans or the assistant to the dean are present. A prospective student must complete the introductory course in expressive arts (or an approved alternative). Please check with the EGS office for your most convenient available opportunities.

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