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Room & Board

The Hotel Allalin, our exclusive accommodations partner, provides all of the room and board for EGS students during their studies in Saas-Fee.

1-room-, 2-room and 3-room apartments are available in residence buildings, neighboring hotels and there is a limited number of rooms at the Hotel Allalin. The rates for full room and board correspond to low cost dormitories in Switzerland.

Students must book their room and board directly with the Hotel Allalin. The hotel also offers reduced rates for family members or friends visiting during the summer programs.

All meals (three daily) are served at the Allalin Hotel. The hotel provides meals for vegetarians and vegans, but is not able to address individual allergies like gluten.

The Allalin Hotel is obligated by contract to provide our students exceptional rates for lodging, meals and internet access. The accrediting state and the town of Saas-Fee has built the EGS campus buildings in 2001 and the Hotel Allalin has committed to rent and run the Steinmatte Campus for at least 10 years and is in charge for maintenance of the buildings and for lodging of students. This arrangement helps keep students costs reasonable. The use of the campus is included in the Allalin rates.

Sabrina and Eva Zurbriggen are the 4th generation owners/managers of the Hotel Allalin and the Zurbriggen family guarantee a quality, warm and pleasant atmosphere.

For more information please contact:

Hotel Allalin
Sabrina and Eva Zurbriggen
Lomattenstrasse 7
3906 Saas-Fee

Tel. +41 27 958 1000
Fax +41 27 958 1001

Reservation Room and Board

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