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Doctoral Program (PhD)
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Doctoral Program in Expressive Arts: Therapy, Coaching, Consulting & Education, Conflict Transformation & Peacebuilding

The doctoral program in Expressive Arts combines two Summer Sessions residential trainings at EGS Campus in Saas-Fee, leading to Attestation of the Qualifying Phase for the Phd program in Expressive Arts (Advanced Graduate Study in Expressive Arts Leadership)  with individualized dissertation research done in the student's home country.


All EGS seminars, workshops and colloquia are conducted in English; dissertations can be written in English, but also in German, French or Spanish if suitable dissertation advisor can be found. The Qualifying Phase of the Ph.D. program (part 1) is designed as a self-sufficient unit. Students can take a break before continuing with the candidacy phase (second part) of the Ph.D program.   However, for those students who wish to go on to achieve the Ph.D., the successful completion of the Qualifying Phase of the program (first part) is a prerequisite for advancement to Doctoral Candidacy and the writing of the Dissertation.


The degree of Doctor of Philosophy given by EGS is accredited by Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA)

The normal time required to achieve the Ph.D. degree is five years, two years for the Qualifying Phase (Part One) and three years for the Candidacy Phase (Part Two):

The Candidacy Phase, in which the student establishes their Doctoral Committee and writes their Dissertation with the help of their dissertation advisor. The student has the right to participate in the "Expressive Arts Based Research and Academic Writing Colloquium". The student can choose when to attend the colloquium.  Doctoral Committee must approve the Dissertation Proposal. When the Dissertation is completed and accepted by the Committee, the Doctoral Examination and Defense will take place. Upon successful completion of the Doctoral Defense, the student will be awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). The degree will be formally conferred during the Summer Session subsequent upon the completion of the Defense. Students are encouraged to attend the Ceremony of Conferral of the Degree and celebrate the occasion.

This is the handbook for the Doctoral program of the Arts, Health and Society Division of EGS - Qualifying Phase of the Ph.D. in Expressive Arts

Attested as Advanced Graduate Study in Expressive Arts Leadership

and further stages: 

EGS Revised Doctoral Handbook 2019 (249 K) 

The registration forms and application forms as well as all other documents for the PhD Second Phase can be found in the download area.  

Tuition and Fees

Part 1

The Qualifying Phase, in which the student completes the Qualifying Phase of the Ph.D. in Expressive Arts

Attested as Advanced Graduate Study in Expressive Arts Leadership

Part 2

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