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Introductory Course in Expressive Arts

The Arts, Health and Society Division of the European Graduate School EGS offers Introductory Seminars and Symposia with career counseling in the field of Expressive Arts for students wishing to pursue the Master of Arts, Qualifying Phase of the Ph.D. in Expressive Arts and Ph.D. degree programs.

These events are opportunities to get acquainted with Expressive Arts

  • Therapy

  • Coaching and Consulting

  • Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding


The method of Intermodal Decentering will be introduced. This method is an approach to the Expressive Arts that emphasizes the value of artistic expression and the creation of art-works as means towards an alternative experience of the world, an experience that can enlarge the field of play for those who find themselves stuck in difficult situations. This approach focuses on the resources of clients and on their ability to find solutions to their problems by engaging in the arts and reflecting on both their experience and on the works that have emerged.


The courses require no prior artistic experience and are open to all those who are seeking a more creative path to change.

Faculty will include leaders in the field like for example Expressive Arts pioneers Margo Fuchs Knill, Dean of the Divison Arts, Health and Society and the Program Director of the Qualifying Phase of the Ph.D. in Expressive Arts/Ph.D. program José Miguel Calderon many of whom teach in the programs at EGS.


This course counts towards admission to EGS and is a requirement for independent students with no prior background in the expressive arts.

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