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Special Guests 2018

Special Guest


Varvara V. Sidorova


Varvara V. Sidorova completed her REAT, Ph. D. in Psychology in 2005 with her thesis “Cross-cultural research of the image of consciousness (on the materials of Russian and Japanese cultures)” at the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Counseling. Prior to this, Varvara completed an MA in psychology from 1991-1998 at the Moscow State University of M.V. Lomonosov, as well as additional programs including: two levels of Integrative arts-therapy practice at the Derby University (UK), art therapy at the Moscow Institute of psychotherapy, work therapy at the Moscow Institute of Process, and systems therapy at the Institute of Family (Moscow), etc. Since 2005, Varvara is the Head of a two-year Continuing Education Program “Intermodal Expressive Arts Therapy” at the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, within the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Counseling. Since 2017, this program has a cooperation agreement with EGS. Since 2012, Varvara is an organizer of an annual International Expressive Arts Therapy Festival in Moscow. In 2016, through her initiative, the Russian Association of Expressive Arts Therapy was established and she was a first president of REAA. She is a Director of the Arts Therapy Center "ArtDom" in Moscow and has a private practice with more than 20 years experience. Varvara is a member of the Russian Professional Creative Union of Artists and Graphic Designers (since 1995) and a member of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA) (since 2007). She is an artist and has had solo exhibitions.

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Special Guest


Kit Jenkins


Kit Jenkins, M.A., is the Co-Founder and Executive Director (1989) of RAW Art Works. Since its inception in 1988, Kit has guided RAW's growth and built its profile as a model Creative Youth Development organization, rooted in art therapy. As Executive Director, Kit oversees all aspects of RAW's organization. She is responsible for the long-term and strategic planning for the organization, which includes a focus on innovative, responsive program design and responsible financial and fundraising management. During her tenure at RAW, Kit has successfully led two major capital campaigns. Kit oversaw RAW’s Believing is Building Capital Campaign, which raised over $1.2MM to complete the purchase and renovation of RAW’s four-story building in 2005. She also led our 25th Anniversary Expansion Campaign, raising $2MM to expand RAW’s footprint and fuel program innovation. Kit has spearheaded the growth of RAW’s individual donor program, enabling expansion of annual operations and growth of youth served by 30% since 2013. She is currently leading a strategic plan in response to a recent $5 million dollar gift given to establish an endowment for RAW’s long-term sustainability. In addition to ongoing stewardship and board engagement, Kit actively serves on four board committees. Kit has over 20 years of experience working with teens and children as an art therapist, as well as a background in photography, dance, and drama. Serving in a variety of leadership roles, Kit has been active in regional, national, and international professional organizations. Kithas a Master’s degree in Expressive Art Therapy from Lesley University and also teaches in the Community Arts Education program at the University.

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