Expressive Arts Global Health

Expressive Arts in Transition (EXIT) and Community Ritual: Moving Toward Belonging After Trauma and Displacement

The Arts, Health and Society Division of the European Graduate School EGS offers a Certificate of practice in early intervention (EXIT) for students interested in trauma recovery.

More than one billion people have been affected by violence and disaster throughout the world. Our mission is to maximize a scientific and cultural approach and methodology to reduce suffering and increase resiliency for survivors of violence worldwide. This Program offers a transformative training experience to create a network of global leaders in trauma recovery. It is argued that we are currently living in a collective trauma. We have adjusted the content of the program to face the current time we are living in.


What does the course cover?
This course offers a blended learning experience divided into two parts.

Part 1:

 5 day training on ZOOM in 2021 followed by a 5-session stress management supervised group practicum to be conducted on Zoom

From October 27th, 2021 to November 1st, 2021  (We are working to accommodate the various time zones and hope to provide a west and east cohort group - register to find out more about the schedule)



Part 2:

5 days onsite on Campus Malta in 2022 followed by a 10 session supervised group practice with EXIT live.


This course offers a blended learning experience that incorporates training in how to facilitate stress management arts based groups on Zoom as well as 5 days onsite in Malta which includes supervised group practice with EXIT over the course of 5 months.  The program is lead by an internationally acclaimed faculty. Initiated as a pilot program in April 2016.

Certificates of completion are awarded by the European Graduate School Division of Arts, Health and Society (Continuing Education).

Please fill out the appropriate registration form which you can download at our website and return it to the EGS office by e­‐mail, postal mail.  Admission interview is required. Please get in touch with the EGS Administration Office.

Please note: This certificate program is required for students specializing in Expressive Arts in Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding at EGS with the exception of those students, on a graduate level, already qualified in this area.

For students specializing in Expressive Arts Therapy with a minor in Psychology this program covers the learning events required for module F and needs to be approved by the study advisor.

Application and Registration