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Application & Registration

Visa Requirements for European Countries - Courses Steinmatte/Saas-Fee (CH)


(Schengen Agreement): If you are not a resident of the United States, Canada or Europe, please inquire at the Swiss Embassy about current Visitor Visa regulations for Switzerland (Schengen agreement) at least one month prior to departure!

Visa Requirements for Courses in Valletta/Malta

Students should give attention to the indications offered in an official statement from Malta’s Central Visa Unit. This information can be found here.

Covid-19 Travel requirements

Please inform yourself about the current travel regulations to Switzerland regarding Covid-19. To the travel regulations click here

Applications for the Programs 


Applications are being accepted for admission to the following Programs, on a rolling base: 


As an applicant to the Masters programs, you must submit an EGS Application Form, and enclose a copy of your Bachelors Degree or its equivalent. If you do not have a Bachelor's Degree or its equivalent, please enclose all copies of your Diplomas, transcripts, letters of recommendation from present or past employers and an updated resume (typed).

If you would like to apply, please email:

After EGS receives your application with all the needed information, the admissions committee will evaluate it. Should your academic background not be sufficient, an EGS "Access Advisor" will meet with you to discuss the Access Exam (Bachelor Waiver Procedure).

Applicants to the Doctoral program must submit an Application Form and enclose a copy of your Masters degree, a letter of recommendation from a past or present employer, an updated resume and a two-page Statement of Interest.

If you would like to apply, please email:

Registration for Summer School Modules


Registration is required for each Summer School and the modules throughout the year. Registration forms are included in the Summer School Program brochures, can be obtained from the EGS registration office in Visp, Switzerland or you will find all registration forms in the Download area

Due to limited space, registration for the Summer School will be completed on a first-come first-served basis.

Registration period is until April 30, 2024


A limited number of registrations will be accepted after that date if space is available.


Please fill out the appropriate registration form and return it to the EGS administration office by mail.

Students registered fort he EGS Summer School Modules must book and pay the room and board fees directly to the EGS campus Hotel Allalin. Please note that students are required to book accomodations during their stay for the EGS seminars in Saas-Fee through the EGS campus Hotel Allalin only.

Registrations for Continuing Education will you find here. 

Information about the Registration for the following Events "Meet the Dean and Program Director" and "Poiesis Symposium" will you find on the First Page of the Website 

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