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Faculty & Staff



The format of a Graduate School for Professionals with training in Intensive Summer Seminars has the advantage that it can commit a faculty of excellent reputation who are internationally engaged leaders or founders in their field. Faculty members come from transdisciplinary practices that cross institutional boundaries. Advocate investigative learning and creative inquiry which embrace the stratified complexity of the concrete problems we face today.

They are familiar with thinking that expands the horizon of established frameworks and creates networks between disciplines and institutions in both the private and public sector.

Faculty that have joined EGS are enthusiastic about projects that engage the typical adult learner. They appreciate the benefit of the innovative learning that goes on between faculty, students and participants in on-going projects.

Docendo discimus. We learn by teaching. (Seneca)



The organization of an International academic institution is a challenging enterprise. EGS Staff are committed to helping the organization function smoothly so that both students and faculty can properly engage in the business of learning without being caught up in bureaucratic issues. Those who are working behind the scenes are doing everything to create an environment that fosters innovative inquiry and learning with which to meet the complex challenges of today's world.

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