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Financial Aid

The different kinds of financial aid a student is able to receive during their studies at EGS are outlined below.

The distribution of financial aid depends on available funds.

Financial Aid

Deferred Payment-Plan for tuition and fees

You can find the document in the Downloads under "Application & Registration – Financial Aid – “Deferred Payment Plan".

We kindly ask you to fill out, sign and send back as pdf to: until the latest May 31, 2024. 

The Payment Plan will be valid, as soon as you receive the document back with the signature of the EGS Office.
Please note that the Diploma will only be issued if all administrative and financial matters are fulfilled.  

You can find the document in the Downloads under "Application & Registration – Financial Aid – “Application Deferred Payment Plan 2024".

Workstudy for Summer Sessions at EGS

The EGS is looking for student support during the two Summer School sessions. EGS offers a Workstudy Program designed for students able to demonstrate financial need who are willing to take on responsibility for certain tasks during their Summer School session.

EGS offers the following work- study positions: class contact, art material, musical instruments, book store, student lounge, technical assistance, social media. The EGS office reviews the applications and the comittee of Financial Aid distributes the positions on a first-come first-served basis. 

The work-study handouts are available in the Downloads under "Application & Registration – Financial Aid – EGS Descriptions Workstudy". 

This program offers financial compensation appropriate to the specific task demands, currently CHF 600.

Students interested in participating in the EGS Workstudy Program are required to have a confirmed registration with a down payment of 50% of tuition. 

The Office will let the student know which exact Workstudy position the student will be assigned to at least one week prior to the start of Summer Session 1. They distribute the positions according the student competences. 

Application deadline is April 30th. All Workstudy positions are on a first come first-served basis available.


Applications should be sent by email directly to the EGS office of the European Graduate School.

You can find the document in the Downloads under "Application & Registration – Financial Aid – “Application Workstudy Summer Session 2024".

Matching Scholarship Program

You can find all information and the document in the Downloads under "Application & Registration – Financial Aid – “EGS Application for Matching Scholarshop 2024".

Paolo Knill Scholarship Fund 

The Paolo Knill Scholarship Fund is closed. All positions were distributed. 

Canadian Student Loans

For Canadian cititzens, permanent residents and designated as protected persons, it is possible to obtain loans for the full cost oft attendance. Students from Canada who want to apply for a Canadian loan have full time status and study all residencies on Campus Saas Fee.

You must also have already been admitted to one of the Masters or Doctoral Programs of AHS.

Notice when applying that the AHS programs are full time programs. For details of your eligibility please visit

Rotary Clubs Scholarship

For Graduate students and pursuing vocational studies from various countries. Application deadline varies according to country. Please note, rotary clubs around the world have their own criteria. For more details, check your local rotary club.

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