EGS Organisation

Chairman of the EGS Executive Board

Prof. Dr. Christopher Fynsk


Members of the EGS Executive Board

Professor Dr. Margo Fuchs Knill, Ph.D.

Prof. Dr. Christopher Fynsk

Simon Imhasly (Aproa AG)

Wayne Sutherland, MA, CAGS

Compliance / Accreditation and the EGS Foundation

Wayne Sutherland, MA, CAGS


Financial Officer 

Simon Imhasly (Aproa AG)


Chief Loans Officer 

Mark Daniel Cohen, MA

Board of Trustees (as of Fall 2018):

Peter Margelist, lic. iur. / Chairman of the Board / Visp, Switzerland

Suzanna Riester, CAGS, Switzerland


Roger Kalbermatten, lic.rer.pol. / Saas-Fee, Switzerland


Mag. Art. Prof. Gerhard Hofbauer / Salzburg, Austria


Dr. Martin Meyer / Representative Canton of Valais, Switzerland


Thomas Antonietti / Representative of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Visp


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.C. Paolo J. Knill / Honorary Member / Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Academic Administration AHS

Dean of the Division of Arts, Health and Society

Professor Dr. Margo Fuchs Knill, Ph.D.


Assistant to the Dean – AHS Master’s Program

Anna Fenech, M.A.

Program Director – AHS Doctoral Program

José Miguel Calderon, Ph.D., MSc


Honorary Dean – AHS PhD Program

Prof. Emerit. Stephen K. Levine Ph.D., D.S.Sc.

Coordinator Certificate Program Global Health

Professor Melinda Meyer, Ph.D.

Administration Office Visp / Saas-Fee

Head of Administration

Brigitte Campagnani


Administrative Assistant

Sereina Gubler


Senior Assistant Director / EGS Visuals & Archive

Alejo Duque, Ph.D.


Director of Public Affairs / PACT Registrar

Sarah Brigid Hannis, M.A.


IT Services

Jean-Baptiste Mittet