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Paolo J. Knill

(June 11, 1932 – Sept. 13, 2020)

Dr. h.c.

Paolo J. Knill, born 1932 in Switzerland, is the founding rector of the European Graduate School EGS, Switzerland and a Professor Emeritus at Lesley University Cambridge, MA.

He studied Science, Musicology and Psychology. He worked as a Psychotherapist, is practicing as Supervisor and is on stage as Musician and Performance Artist.

Paolo J. Knill is the founder of International School for Interdisciplinary Studies Switzerland and the Network of Expressive Arts Training Centers. As a teacher and artist he has traveled and published internationally, including the books Principles and Practice of the Expressive Arts Therapy; Minstrels of Soul and his Music is available on CD's (most recent: Syncopated Synapse).

He was honored by the International Association of Expressive Arts Therapy as a pioneer of the field, he is a honorary member of the 'Berufsverbandes der Musiktherapeuten' of Germany and a Honorary Fellow of the Ascona Scientific Association.

His newest book with Herbert Eberhart is: Lösungskunst.

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