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Call for proposal – IEATA Conference in Hong Kong

Updated: May 16, 2021

Flowing Tao

The 11th International Conference of IEATA – International Expressive Arts Therapy Association

Proposal Submission Deadline: FEBRUARY 20, 2015 (Friday)

Conference October 8-10, 2015 Hong Kong, China

We are exciting to announce the “Call for Proposal” arrangement for the upcoming IEATA Conference in Hong Kong on 8-10 October this year.

This conference will be a wonderful opportunity to learn about what is happening the Expressive Arts in both the East and West, meet some the world renowned pioneers and practitioners in Expressive Arts fields.

We are planning pre-conference workshops and conference activities that will introduce participants to what Asia has to offer culturally as well as specific programs that have been developed all over the world. It will be an exciting opportunity to expand our view of the Expressive Arts.

You are invited to propose experiential workshops, performance, research, and lectures fitting the conference theme. Proposals should focus on any of the following themes:

  1. Applications in Different Countries  

  2. Clinical Practice

  3. Arts for Social Change

  4. Evidence-based Practice/Arts-based Research

  5. Contemporary Trends

We accept the attached applications in English language only. Your presentations can be in your mother tongue if we have enough volunteer translators.

Find more information and registrate here:

Best regards, Fiona & Conference Co-chairs

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