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2013 Finland

European Expressive Arts Spring Symposium 2013


Voyages to magic, mystery and myth with the arts in Finnish Kalevala and other epicsThe Symposium will offer you connections between the archaic layers of inner world and mystical Lappish nature.

The myths and stories of Laplanders and Finnish Kalevala epics have their roots in this peaceful and silent environment. You can explore your lights and shadows through the arts while the dark winter is turning into the brightness of the spring. You will be led to explore you hidden landscapes with the arts through Nordic myths, making passages to other worlds and re-storying your life. The Holy Swan invites us to an inner voyage through physical and spiritual realms. The power of myth comes alive. The shamanistic tradition of healing through the arts evokes and becomes real in a modern society.

Some Pictures of EGS in Rovaniemi 2013

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