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AHS Research Overview 2024

How does expressive arts therapy (EXA) enhance creativity inadolescent groups to promote well-being?

This thesis explores the use of expressive art therapy (EXA) to promote well-being among adolescents in Hong Kong. EXA combines different art forms such as visual art, dance, drama, and music to help people express emotions and enhance healing. The study involved providing art therapy sessions for a group of Hong Kong adolescents aged 15 to 19. The aim was to provide a safe space for self-exploration and discovery through engaging with various art modalities. The art therapy process encouraged self-reflection, self-acceptance, letting go of perfectionism, and developing a positive self-image. While the researcher expected EXA to foster gratitude, resilience, and optimism as forms of well-being, the research findings revealed that adolescents valued self-acceptance the most as a foundation for well-being. Through the process of creating and reflecting on their artwork, adolescents learned to be kinder to themselves and accept perceived flaws. The EXA experience highlighted the need for adolescents to develop authenticity and body-mind awareness as crucial aspects of well-being.

2024: MA Thesis

cum laude

Advisor: Ka Kit LAI

Student: Chian Ru, WU (Jacmila)


Keywords: Adolescents, creativity, well-being, self-acceptance, expressive art therapy

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