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Faculty Member


Lai, Ka Kit (KK) Drago


KK is the faculty member at the European Graduate School for the Master of Arts in Expressive Arts Therapy with a Minor in Psychology and former honorary lecturer and supervisor for Master of expressive arts therapy at Hong Kong University.

He is the founding director of Kunst EXA Academy / Kunst EXA Training and Consulting.
KK has more than 20 years of converging experiences of art/art education/art therapy/expressive arts in the creative enterprises. He started as photographer, filmmaker and creative director in creative media agencies since 1991 in Canada. Also, since 1998, he was involved in Hong Kong government projects to promote creative arts education in numerous secondary schools. Beginning in 2003, KK has been integrating expressive arts and therapy/consulting through serving in various settings including commercial sectors, non-governmental agencies and communities.
As an associate fellow of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association, a registered art therapist and registered expressive arts therapist, he has been serving special need children, youth and families, mental health patients and dementia elderly in North America, Cambodia, Macau, HK and China.

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