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Faculty Member


Michelle LeBaron

J.D., M.A.

Creativity, culture and collaboration are themes that run through Michelle LeBaron's work. She is an internationally renowned scholar/practitioner, currently serving as a professor of law and Director of Dispute Resolution at the University of British Columbia. Previously, she was a tenured professor of conflict analysis and resolution and women's studies at George Mason University in Virginia after practicing law and psychotherapy.

Michelle has done seminal work in many areas of conflict resolution including intercultural, international, family and commercial. Her books include Bridging Cultural Conflicts: A New Approach for a Changing World and Bridging, Troubled Waters: Conflict Resolution from the Heart and Conflict Across Cultures: A Unique Experience of Bridging Differences, which is the product of collaboration among five authors from four continents. Her current research explores the Arts and contemplative practices as vital resources for transforming cross-cultural conflicts and fostering resilience. Together with Carrie MacLeod and Andrew Acland, she is editor of the new book The Choreography of Resolution: Conflict, Movement and Neuroscience from the American Bar Association. Michelle consults, teaches and speaks internationally, and is a published poet.

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